lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

GRAUN - Montezuma (selección) - Bonynge

Montezuma - Lauris Elms
Eupaforice - Joan Sutherland
Tezeuco - Joseph Ward
Pilpatoè - Rae Woodland
Erissena - Elizabeth Harwood
Fernando Cortez - Monica Sinclair

Ambrosian Singers
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Richard Bonynge

Parte 1   Parte 2   Parte 3   Parte 4

15 comentarios:

  1. Muchas gracias!

  2. Parte 3 Link dead ??

  3. Yes, the third part is dead. Could you reupload this please?

  4. Saludos. Quiero compartir con todos vosotros mi blog musical, espero que os guste. Muchas gracias.

  5. Hello again Diomedes,
    You've got me puzzled:Today is October 3, 2011.

    For February 2011 you have two Decca Sutherland - Graun: Griselda & Montezuma highlights and 4Shared says neither of them has valid links.

    Is this Blog site still alive? Certainly too good a one to be abandoned.
    Please tell me you are OK and in business.


  6. Hi my dear Bob! They are not the same upload: I posted Griselda and Montezuma separately.
    As it's ages I don't even open my 4shared account, they're saying all my uploads have been deleted. In my account, infact, they're not. Strangely enaough, you were able to find Hamlet's link. As it doesn't seem we are that lucky with Graun and Bononcini, I'll have to upload them again.
    Thank you very much for your messages, Bob. I'll try at leat to keep alive what is already here.

  7. Hi Diomedes,
    Try to make sense of this link for Graun:

    I have no skill in all this uploading et al. You are far better than I at it.

    Thanks for your good stuff, man.

  8. It seems they're defintily dead. I'll have to reupload them. If you see that days pass by and I don't, just remind me!

  9. hola amigo:
    Los Bononcini y Graun Links por favor.


  10. Hi Diomedes,

    Diomedes dijo...
    It seems they're defintily dead. I'll have to reupload them.

    If you see that days pass by and I don't, just remind me!

    3 de octubre de 2011 20:11

    Perhaps my pigeon Spanish is not so good.

    I do appreciate your work. Thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks!


  11. You Spanish it's quite goog: work done!

  12. good Diomedes,amigo;
    I finished the 8 downloads, and have had time to listen to just a few tracks. It is now nearly midnight EDT in USA. I was mostly interested in Joan Sutherland. I am so far delighted.I'll listen to all tomorrow.

    Again, thanks, and thanks and ever thanks.


  13. Hello Diomedes, thank you for uploading this rarity. Please note that the part 3 and part 4 for this rar can't be downloaded. The 4shared prompts me to download part 2 instead.


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